Tibetan Buddhism.

1. The old Autenthentic Tibetan Buddhisme seen from a westerner. There are so many things that are totally different from what I have learned during my childhood and grownup life. My view of the Tibetan Buddhisme is therefore not an expression on how it really is. That you have to go see for yourself.

2. Then it's A tribute to the Buddha-Dharma for the tools and help it have given me and so many other sentient beings. Tools which have made me able to become a better human being.

3. The website is a gathering of paths, so you can go directly to the core of Tibetan Buddhisme. Then from there you can go further if you like. I have and are still trying to gather info and pictures of the different lineages of the Authentic Tibetan Buddhism. I will mostly concentrate on Kagyu and Nyingma Schools as I have not used much time on Sakya and Gelug.


So if you have any interest in the original authentic Tibetan Buddhisme, then please just surf around and have a good time.

In my photo gallery you can see many pictures of that are a picture of Tibetan Buddhism, Nyingma and Kaguy Masters, Monasteries, Nunnery, and a lot more.

For those who are looking for pictures as shrine objects or for the practice, I have uploaded some in BIG-SIZE format pictures for print. ( Deities, Yidams, Guru's, and other things that might have some interest.

Please note that all teachings, pictures and so on should be considered sacred and treated with respect. Please do not place pictures, texts or any other sacred objects where people walk or sit.