About me

I was born in Denmark in the mid 60's. Born in the sign of Scorpio according to western astrology. In Chinese Horoscope I'm Fire Horse.

Not so much to tell about me. I'm nothing special, nor do I possess any special kind of power or any special abilities. I'm just a sentient beings who like to fool around.

I happen to be lucky to have a pretty good health and some few very good friends. I get food on the table every day, or at least more or less have got so far. I live in a very nice flat, in a so so house, in a very small village.

I mostly spend my time on doing as little as possible for as high salary as possible.

I started working when I was around 8 years old helping my father in a greengrocer's shop. Since then I have done many different things. I went out of school when I was 16 and started working with agriculture and as a forest worker. Worked with that kind of things for around 10 years.

I also tried different other things like : working on a plastic factory, as a landscape gardener, as a contractor, had my own company, caretaker on an educational establishment and few other things.

This is pretty much what I would like to say about me, since I already mentioned that I'm nothing special.

My computer nick-name "Eyas" I took around 1996. I took it because it was the name that I could use as a reference to myself. "Eyas" is the English word for baby-falcon, and since I still can't fly I think it's a good name for me.


Writing to the webmaster, me, is possible. You simply go to the contact page and write something there, and I will get an email.

Complains about the content on the site might not be answered, nor might any content be removed or modified because of your complains.

If you feel offended, patronized, aversion, detesting etc. etc. Well, it's your mind fooling around with you and have nothing to do with me. So get over it, no need to be a crybaby. Remember, soon you will die, just like everyone else, so just relax and enjoy.


Never the less, I wish you all to have a long and firm life.
May you be free from suffering and the cause of suffering and may you be happy and have the cause for happiness.
Stay happy and keep smiling.


Smile to the world,
and the world smile back.