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Dawa's Lotus Design

What is Dawa's Lotus Design.?

Well, Dawa is me, Kim Lodrö Dawa. Lotus Design is my project.

Dawa's Lotus Design came to my mind after few years in the Buddhist community. In winter 2003 - 2004 Lotus Design was invented, though at that time I called it "Lotus Dharma Design". 2007 the name was changed to "Dawa's Lotus Design".

The Idea behind "Dawa's Lotus Design" is to help all sentient beings. It's the main motivation behind it. Then on next level it is to help who ever have any interest in Tibetan Buddhism, both to get more info and also some help in the sense of material that else would be hard or even impossible to get.

But there is especially one thing I had in mind when I started this project, and that is to help all those human beings who have nothing or only limited funds, and at the same time have sincere interest in Buddhist Practice.

Why is it that people in one end of the room are charging so much for things that half the people have to leave, since they can't afford to be there...???

How come that Buddhism in the west are becoming the "rich mans dharma".???

We are a small community in each of our part of the Buddhism. Well, Kaguy have a lot of students. But then if you look into the single Master, then you see that none of them have millions of followers. So let's say a Rinpoche have 1500 followers around the world. Here I mean close students. So there is this little community and most of the money used there is paid by the students.....those 1500.

So.....again.......why is it that out of those 1500 then there are 10-15 people who decide that the rest of the students have to pay extremely high prices for all things connected to their practice...??

Is this how things should be according to Buddhism....???

So Dawa's Lotus Design is simply to provide students or coming students with things they need for the minimum funds. Also to help Centers if they are in need of anything either when they start up or could be to a big gathering where it would be to expensive to get things done by people from outside.

Only few places on the net I see Buddhist groups who actually are having the True Buddhist Spirit and are selling the stuff for a minmum and also the teachings are not charged skyhigh.

Dawa's Lotus Design will inspire and encourage others with interest for Buddhism to get the same True Buddhist Spirit.

So whenever you see something with the logo :

Lotus Design Logo

It have been made from here and if you have to pay for it....which is rare since most of it are already paid for and donated.......but if you have to pay.....then you should only pay a minimum....if not....please do not hessitate to contact me and tell how much, what, where, when, from whom.......!!!

Dawa's Lotus Design is not a money making machine.....not for me and should for sure not be for others.....my actual costs, running this project, is around 20.000,- Danish Kroner per year.

Dawa's Lotus Design is at the moment also sponsoring the website for Chepangs Mountain Bike  Club.
The Chepangs Mountain Bike  Club was formed in the summer of 2005 by the Chepangs Group of Nepal.

The thing is that even I have only little money for myself every month, I'm able to give out a lot of things. This is thanks to the True Buddhist Spirit that are among some people and who have the same thinking about this issue and are helping Dawa's Lotus Design with donations.

The True Buddhist Spirit.....wow....sounds nice......but hey....what is it..???

It's simply that if your motivation is right.....then even you give away your last piece of food, clothes and everything you have.....you will never miss a thing.

I know, I sometimes move into a greyzone according to Western way of thinking, BUT........rather that, than move into the dark zone according to Buddhism...!!!

So, that was a little bit behind Dawa's Lotus Design.