News about the website

3rd April 2014


11th March 2010 - The Photo Gallery is now partly up running. Few albums have been added and all seem to be running nicely. Partly meaning only around 350 pictures have been uploaded.

1st March 2010 - Now you are able to send me an email via the new contact form in the "about me". In the Photo Gallery I experience some difficulties putting up the gallery as it have to contain more than 1500 pictures. So working on that these very days. I want the gallery to be easy to navigate and easy to get an overview. I have bought some programs and are still in the learning fase. So please be patient and check back from time to time.

27th February 2010 - New navigation have been put up. The CSS have been updated, pages load faster. A new Photo Gallery are getting made these very days. I have already put up three galleries all about Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Denmark. New with this Photo Gallery is that you are taken to a Photo Gallery index, from where you can choose which gallery to enter. There is a title and short description so should be easy to get an overview.
Since I have more than 1500 pictures to sort and upload, it will take some time before all is done, as it is very time consuming.
Please enjoy your ride around the site.!

18th February 2010 - Sorry for not updating the site for some months now, more exactly more than a year. Have unfortuanatly been busy with other things. So here we go again.
Finally something new are happening here on the website again. I have started change the code on the pages, slowly creating a Photo Gallery which I hope will be up running within a week or two. Few things are changing on the design itself, mostly it is the code behind that needed to be updated. Also I have learned some stuff about CSS and other website building methods. Since I am creating the whole website again from scratch, the update will not be visible before I have created all pages and links and tested that it works as it should. Please enjoy your ride around, maybe even bookmark the page and come back from time to time and get the latest news.

25th September 2008 - The Coppermine Photo Gallery have been hacked by a muslim group. So now I will make my own hacker-free photo gallery. It will take some time though as I am at the moment very busy with other things. I do hope that I slowly can make something very nice, with easy overview and navigation. Please check in from time to time.

8th March 2008 - Design done, pictures keep being uploaded to the gallery. More stuff are being prepared for posting. So all in all things seem to work now.

7th March 2008 - New Design Uploaded.
Now the new design is up and running. All the pictures are moved to the big photo-gallery. still more than 500 pictures needs to be added. New things have come up also - like the Lotus Design and also the links have been improved. I hope you enjoy your tour around the pages.

4th March 2008 - New Design coming soon.
New design is at the moment being made. I decided to move all the pictures to the external coppermine photo-gallery ( Photo Gallery 2 ) which have much better support for features like :search, comments, ratings and so on.
If everything goes as planned, which it never does, then things should be running smoothly from end of March.

15th Feb 2008 - Old design up running again.
Now there will be 2 Photo Galleries. One that have the same design as you see now ( Photo Gallery 1 ) and then one separate ( Photo Gallery 2 ) which is run as a huge Photo Gallery containing several Photo Albums.

20th Jan 2005 - Added Photo gallery from Gomde USA and Gomde Israel.

19th Jan 2005 - Added photo gallery of Gomde Denmark as it changed dramatic from farm to more a center as the old farm buildings were demolished.

17th Jan 2005 - Added new photo's to the Photo Gallery. The photo's are from Kathy who is the secretary of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling.

16th Jan 2005 - The navigation to the sites under Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche is to change in the future. But for now I will just continue with adding pages and then later move to the final destination and then add better navigation for the pages. Hope it will not be to much trouble for you.

16th Jan 2005 - Shenpen Project added under "great masters" and "Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche".

16th Dec 2004 - Bigger file size pictures of Great Masters added in the Photo Gallery.

16th Dec 2004 - More Masters have been added to the Photo Gallery.

15th Dec 2004 - Pictures of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and Nepal Nature have been added to the Photo Gallery.

14th Dec 2004 - Pictures for print up running.

14th Dec 2004 - Extra navigation added the Saturday Teachings.

13th Dec 2004 - New design uploaded to the website.