A Beginner on the Path

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For us beginners on the path
It’s such a difficult task
To work with and change the mind
As we all start out totally blind

Something amazing and beautiful can appear
If you courageous and without any fear
Engage in what is really loving and true
As those things doesn’t come out of the blue

What other tell you to get through
Only hold on to what’s really true
To truly do well and truly do good
It really have to be well understood

It is very wise and mature to think
That a path without an unbroken link
To an authentic and realized Master
Only will lead to misery and disaster

When whittling away the stains in the mind
It’s very important towards yourself to be kind
Good, bad and really nasty thoughts will arise
Be calm without any fear, it’s not a surprise

When slowly the beauty begin to appear
It’s important to continue without any fear
Everything seem so flimsy and fragile
Keep it steady else all will end in total facile

by Kim Lodrö Dawa – 14th April 2018