A Normal Human Clown

When you think that everything you do is wrong, You are not fearless and not at all very strong, When you think that everything you do is right, You are…

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Building a Fence

Setting up the fence very strong, Building it tall and very long, It really never will be enough, As the maras are very tough, The fence will cover the inner…

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When mind is calm and clear Free of desire and fear Inner beauty are free to shine Making you one of the sublime by Kim Lodrö Dawa - 1st March…

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The Past

All the bad experiences from the past Will only get worse and continuously last As long as I add a fuel to the fire Like envy, pride, anger or desire…

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Make a Connection

Why should I care what others think of me, I could die this very moment and be reborn as a bee, Since now not being able to meet up with…

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To You I Bow Down

Thinking stupid-compassion is the very best, We gladly put pets and even people to rest, We send our young people to fight a war, Despite it only lead to more…

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A Whittler in da Hood

Something amazing and beautiful can appear If you courageous and without any fear Engage in what is really loving and true As those things doesn't come out of the blue…

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Klokken Slår

I en tilstand af observerende ligegyldighed, Stirrer ud i en verden af uendelig mangfoldighed, Tiden står stille og klokken slår, Idag er imorgen som var det igår, Af Kim Lodrö…

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A Beginner on the Path

For us beginners on the path It's such a difficult task To work with and change the mind As we all start out totally blind Something amazing and beautiful can…

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