Grow Flowers

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If all you have on your land is a lawn, Insects and wildlife will be gone before dawn, Grow many trees, bushes and a huge amount of flowers, Then there…

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I was a choo-choo man and always had a dream to change Despite being told it is impossible to rearrange It came to mind that I have been living in…

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Follow the Dharma King

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If you are able and have the wish To kill a little lovely innocent fish Habits will continue to grow and grow Soon you will wish and be able to…

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Away You Fly

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If I could I would what I should but since I am fucked up I am like an upside-down cup leaving me as a total flop when I look at…

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Leisure & Pleasure

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Here with plenty of leisure Only thinking of own pleasure For others never bother Even cheating the mother Worries and constant fear For all bad and very dear All effort…

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Why Bother

  • Post category:Poems

If there is no self and no other, Why for self and others even bother, If there is a self and also other, Then there is also sister and brother,…

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Tashi Delek to You I Pray

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I wasted my life chasing the mara Indulging myself in the ocean of samsara Seem to be doing everything wrong But want to sing you this awful song Stupid and…

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Monk without Robes

  • Post category:Poems

A monk without ropes Seems to have lost all hopes He looks like a Normal But cares about moral Important is the ethic Very less the pathetic If he does…

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Being taught to be fooled

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It is certainly not my task To hide myself behind a mask Wearing a mask is taking me astray Wearing none chase others away But that's how I was schooled…

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Make A Wish

  • Post category:Poems

How can you change your mind If you already are totally blind Contemplation is needed to change the mind Else you will continue to be blind If you are on…

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