Tashi Delek to You I Pray

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I wasted my life chasing the mara
Indulging myself in the ocean of samsara
Seem to be doing everything wrong
But want to sing you this awful song

Stupid and lowest of the low
No friends and nowhere to go
Thus I have met the biggest Juna
Given the name, The Wisdom Luna

I am the lonely walker
Crazy and a silly talker
My pride is huge as Mount Meru
Thus I have seen the ugly Beru

My mind filled with anger and desire
Spinning around like a sick wildfire
The eye of the Dorje I have seen
Even though I am not at all clean

Since I soon will have to die
With no wings unable to fly
Nothing more I can really say
Tashi Delek to you I pray

Dedicated to the long life of 2nd Kalu Rinpoche

By Kim Lodrö Dawa, 16th January 2019