Monk without Robes

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A monk without ropes
Seems to have lost all hopes
He looks like a Normal
But cares about moral
Important is the ethic
Very less the pathetic

If he does what most find normal
Impossible to keep the ethic and moral
If following all what is pathetic
Misery and suffering will be epidemic
To be normal is one big cry
Doesn’t matter what they try

Whatever beauty have been pearled
Normal will destroy and mind is twirled
Compassion, care and loving kindness
Normal don’t see because of blindness
Normal always at others pointing fingers
Despite their eyes are covered in blinkers

Normal see mindfulness as the best
Totally spaced out and fuck the rest
Normal have empathy as their amazing new word
Substitute for care, loving kindness and compassion as those are absurd
Normal say many nice words and I love you very quick
They know nothing about love but only want a pussy or a dick

Normal say that they for their loved ones and especially children care
But most of the time they are just doing things for the own selfish affair
Normal follow an immense amount of unwritten rules and traditions
Most of them are useless or degenerated to pathetic editions
Normal seek and cherish envy, pride, anger and desire
Just take a closer look at those they follow and admire

Being a monk without ropes
Having for the normal a lot of hopes
is like travel alone on the plains of no man’s land
Without any goal or from the boss a demand
Have walked so long and come so far
Turning back to Normal would be totally bizarre

A tiny short glimpse of the one big whopper
Can be enough to change the mind from Normal to proper
When mind have experienced and seen how fake it all is
It automatically wants to reject to participate in hers or his
And wants to seek some proper people to admire
So the mind can be totally free of envy, pride, anger and desire

Since impossible to spend with the Normal a day
There is nothing but to sit at home and pray
That sentient beings all together
Would be happily free from their tether
Be caring and loving and always do what is proper
And never again create one big whopper

By Kim Lodrö Dawa, 9th January 2018