Follow the Dharma King

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If you are able and have the wish
To kill a little lovely innocent fish
Habits will continue to grow and grow
Soon you will wish and be able to give any the blow

If you are catching the fish in order to survive
You are just providing your family to thrive
It all depends on situation and motivation
What result will come of the next transformation

It can be fast it can be slow
It all depends on how you grow
Seriously working with the mind
You can only do if you are not blind

It’s a bumpy road crest after crest
Ups and downs you do your best
For it to have ever lasting and true effect
You need to remove every little tiny defect

Despite being just a beginner
The grand view is a must and a winner
To help all sentient beings is my pure wish
No matter if you are human, god, insect or a fish

Despite having extremely long way to go
One thing for sure I know
No matter what the future will bring
I will always follow the Dharma King

By Kim Lodrö Dawa, 5th January 2018