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I was a choo-choo man and always had a dream to change
Despite being told it is impossible to rearrange
It came to mind that I have been living in one big lie
Full of disturbing emotions and blinkers for the eye

Everyday I went to work to drive the choo-choo
Liked by all and no one thought I was ku-ku
As long I fakely smiled and held the proper line
Stupidly and narrow-minded and all would be fine

As I suddenly change and become creative
Or sit for hours and look speculative
Many people get confused, run screaming away and think
That I quickly as possible should go to a shrink

Changing attitude and working with the mind
In order to become more wise and more kind
Many think I have gone crazy or just want to abuse
Notice so many weird kind of hidden accuse

When I look at others with my level
It’s all in my mind wether I see an angel or a devil
I shouldn’t judge what others do, say or think
It could actually be me who are on the brink

So since we all run around deaf and blind
Wouldn’t it be wiser and way more kind
If we open-minded and kindly together
Helped ourself and others free of the tether

If I tightly and dearly hold on to the past
It’s impossible to change the mind smoothly and fast
If I think and see everything as impure
It’s like my mind is drowning in a pile of manure

If I always are worried what others think
I would be constantly insecure and on the brink
I don’t want to follow narrow-minded views and stupid desire
I want to find and awaken the original fire

All go uneasy and worry if I act different than I usually do
What they want is just for me to drive the same boring choo-choo
Hold the narrow line strict and proper
Despite it’s all fake and one big whopper

By Kim Lodro Dawa, 8th January 2018