A Whittler in da Hood

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Something amazing and beautiful can appear
If you courageous and without any fear
Engage in what is really loving and true
As those things doesn’t come out of the blue

The tree used to be such a Hunk
Now nothing but an old dry Trunk
Time is soon coming to its End
For help there is no one to Send

With bleeding heart I search and Search
In forest, mountain, temple and Church
Emaho, there it is with its stiff and chunky Form
In contrast to the adorable and elegant Unicorn

It can not be molded and fiddled with like Clay
And no one wants it if I try to give it Away
If putting extra og anything possible to Add
It will only look ugly and be really Bad

Without proper mindfullness cutting away on the Piece
It will be totally ruined and all I do is Fleece
A moment lack of awareness is a sure way to Fail
Risking cutting fingers and be of no Avail

Cutting too much cutting to Little
Its such a difficult balance to Whittle
There are really not that much room for Mistake
When whittling away to find the original Shape

When mindful and careful whittling away the Wood
It should be clear and well Understood
That it reveals only the inner Beauty
So it becomes a most adorable Cutie

By Kim Lodrö Dawa, 31 – December – 2017