Make A Wish

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How can you change your mind
If you already are totally blind
Contemplation is needed to change the mind
Else you will continue to be blind

If you are on the brink
You will not be able to think
If you continuesly are occupied with your gadgets
You are not even able to do some patches

You have to be careful and think proper
Else you will continue in the big whopper
Look carefully at your intentions and thoughts
To know is the start to tie up some of your knots

Shut down that stupid TV and the noisy music
You can not think when the mind is slaughtered like the punic
Peaceful and quiet space is needed to calm you down
So you can stop fooling around like a circus clown

To see your thoughts you need to be mindful
It can both be scary and very delightful
By watching your thoughts and intentions
You can decipher most of your tensions

To decipher your thoughts well and easy
And not be fooled by the tricky and sneaky
You need to think well and without emotions
Else there will be more thoughts than waterdrops in the oceans

Never think this is it and be certain
That’s like pulling for your mind a curtain
You have to be openminded and let yourself be wild
Look and investigate and also allow the naughty child

Look at things from different perspectives
Like Sherlock Holmes and the other famous detective’s
The mind is without a limit and a border
You have to take care and be your emotions warder

Like a chess player you think and analyze
From what and where comes all the suffer and cries
There are limited opening moves like the start of a chess game
Keep proper thinking or you loose your way and your aim

The middle game comes with a huge amount of possibilities
Only by training can you expand your mental facilities
Enough to see through all the emotionally crap
And avoid continously to suffer like caught in the same old trap

The end game is fragile with only few pieces to move
Think really carefully before you choose to approve
Even a slightly bad choice can end the game
And there is only you and your thinking to blaim

Dont blame others for your own created suffering and misery
A lot is really not that hard to see and not at all a mystery
But if you never contemplate and analyze your thoughts and mind
You will for sure always suffer, be confused and blind

But even when your neighbour, relatives or other make your life a hell
And you find no escape, nothing to say or no-one to tell
Continue to play the game and look at your thoughts and mind
Investigate and see what end games makes you less blind

To see how your ego trick you into your own suffering and misery
Is the knowledge needed to end the ego’s treasonable mind trickery
To analyze the thoughts and emotions is like a game of chess
But done wrong and you just end up suffering from stress

Put emotions aside when you make a wish
Else you end up on dry land squirming like a fish
Dont involve others in your selfish wishes
Or you will end up suffer more than 1000 squirming fishes

If you are having thoughts of your wishes all day long
You for sure are suffering and doing everything wrong
If thoughts are always luring with something else want
Life will be a hellish nightmare and never a pleasant jaunt

When you analyze how suffering comes when not getting what you desire
And see how you are fooled by your ego the sneaky thieving liar
Stealing away the magic moment you have here and now
And end up making everything a misery and you as stupid as a cow

That way you can analyze other thought patterns and habbits
And discover why you have 37 pair of shoes or make love like rabbits
Or get sad because no letter ever end in your mailbox
Or look like some weird hollywood monster after using botox

By Kim Lodrö Dawa – 07 October 2018